Fringe 2019 x Komiket Makati (February 10, 2019)

Yakult Ice Tea!  I plan to get another one the next time I visit Century Mall.

Found out about the one-day Fringe 2019 x Komiket Makati event just last night and decided to drop by and support my fellow indie comic book creators today.

The event was held in high end food mall called Hole in the Wall.  Located in the 4th floor of Century Mall in Makati City, I had been to this particular establishment once or twice since it opened.  The pop-up was set to officially open at 11 am and since I was a bit early, I decided to take a seat try one of the lessees’ Yakult Iced Tea–a combination that I would have never considered–but turned out to be pretty good.

However, the one drawback of my dining experience was that my table had a number of tiny and medium sized cockroaches scampering from under the woodwork.  It was quite annoying, but I am sure if management ever does get around to fumigating the establishment, it would adequately address the issue.

Photo opportunity with Mervin Malonzo.

Fringe 2019 x Komiket Manila

My heart went out to the participating indie creators–especially the ones in the back area (you know who you are)–as there was absolutely no ventilation in the event area.  Now to be fair, I didn’t stay for the duration of the event but if that was going to be the venue’s situation moving forward, wouldn’t have it been better to have the pop-up in the open space area right outside of Hole in the Wall?

Haliya Publishing did just that and I was surprised that other indie creators didn’t follow  suit.

But despite the unpleasant ventilation issue, I thought that the Fringe 2019 x Komiket Manila event went well.  I event got a chance to catch up with a number of indie artists and writers.

Looking forward to February Komiket 2019 in Elements Centris next week!


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