The NBA 2k13 D Rose Experience ( Exclusive)

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As the culminating event of his worldwide D Rose Tour, Adidas held a PlayStation 3 NBA 2k13 video gaming tournament at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium last September 16, 2013. The tournament was comprised of 32 pre-selected gamers[i] all vying for a once in a lifetime chance to pit their 2k skills against Derrick Rose himself!

The rules were relatively simple:

a) Teams would play three minute quarters in the elimination phase and five minute periods should they reach the tournament finals/D Rose matchup;

b) Should a team be ahead by 20 points or more at the end of the third quarter, that game is automatically awarded to the winning team;

c) Only 2k13 stock lineups are to be used;[ii]

d) No special teams or created players are allowed;

e) A 10-minute grace period will be given to player(s) who are not present at the time of their station announcements;

f) Offensive, defensive, and coaching pre-sets need to be done prior to tipoff. After which, a player attempting to make any further changes would need to get the consent of his opponent before continuing;

g) Gamers are prohibited from pausing the game and/or making substitutions in this manner. Should an infraction occur, that team is mandated to burn either a 20-second or full timeout; and

h) Gaming marshals will be assigned to each station to enforce these rules. They will also have the final word should any disputes be raised. The stage is set…literally.


[i] The 32 gamers were either Adidas 3-on-3 tournament participants, media representatives, or celebrity and invited guests.
[ii] As James Harden was traded only after the release of NBA 2k13, he is still an eligible player for the tournament but only on the team that drafted him–the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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