Counseling Philosophy

Working on the assumption that difficulties in living, relationships, general health, etc., start out and are maintained by cognitive and behavioral factors, my counseling philosophy is to “uncover the irrational and problematic thinking styles” which are at times brought about psychological distress (

The counseling strategies that I use consider “one’s feelings are a direct extension of one’s thoughts.” As a counseling strategy, cognitive interventions will be used to “challenge, and ultimately change, maladaptive, self-defeating cognition’s, and allow the client to lead a more productive and satisfying life” (

Behavioral techniques, as another counseling strategy, evolve from the premise that maladaptive behaviors are learned, and therefore can be unlearned. While taken together, cognitive intervention and behavioral techniques, will provide the client opportunities to view the self and his environment (cognitions) and act on that environment (behavior) in more productive, effective manner.

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