Review: Haliya Publishing’s H Club Box 4 [Sold Out] (February 11, 2019)

The contents of my H Club Box 4.  Thanks Mervin, Prin, and Aliyah!

Very fortunate to be among the few to have Haliya Publishing’s H Club Box 4 (with a sculpture of Tabi Po’s Elias).  My H Club Box 4 arrived via courier last week and I was planning on finding some free time this afternoon to do an unboxing video.  But as luck would have it–I ran out of space on my device while I was filming.

In lieu of the video, I settled for some great shots of its contents.

Unlike its past H Club Box releases, Haliya Publishing gave consumers the option of putting together their own boxes (“Build Your Own Box”) this time around.  My customized H Club Box 4 contained the first two issues of Tabi Po, (by Mervin Malonzo), two zines: The Friendzone (by Malonzo and Noel

Pascual) and Bagong Buwan (Malonzo, Julius Villanueva, and Hulyen), Tabi Po A4 Prints and Postcards, a white “Perya” Tabi Po XL T-Shirt, Haliya Publishing logo pin and bag tag, UGH Stickers, Biblioflora bookmarks, Certificates of Authenticity, Tarot cards?, the Tabi Po Elias and Mimiw figurines, as well as a personalized note.

The Tabi Po Elias and Mimiw figurines that came with my H Club Box 4.  Mervin worked on each and every one of them.

A lot of work went into my customized box and I was very happy with the products I received.  It really was well worth the wait!

Can’t wait for H Club Box 5!

For more on this and other Mervstore products, click here.

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