Usapang Komiks: Si Kenkoy, ang DI-13, at ang pagsulat ng sarili mong komiks (February 9, 2019)

Descending: My first speaking engagement for 2019. | Thank you FEU for this Certificate of Appreciation. | I actually signed over 100 pieces of this “Alternative Class 2019” cards. | The Lindol Comics table is now open for business!

February 8, 2019.

After braving through some heavy traffic and humid weather in the Manila/Quiapo Church area, the Lindol Comics team arrived at Far Eastern University (FEU) with more than enough time to set up our tables and get settled for our scheduled talks.

Retitled, “Usapang Komiks: Si Kenkoy, ang DI-13, at ang pagsulat ng sarili mong komiks[i],” Damy “Ian” Velasquez III, got the alternative learning class going with his talk entitled,“Si Kenkoy, DI-13 at ang “Golden Age ng Komiks.”  Ian, a former professor at FEU and the grandson of Komiks pioneers Damy and Tony Velasquez, gave an informative view of a number of landmark Filipino Komiks and their creators.

Velasquez also gave some insight on his debut indie comic book entitled, The New DI-13 (with legend Rico Rival on art).  He explained that he was inspired in part to write The New DI-13 as a means of honouring and continuing his family’s rich history in the Philippine Komiks landscape.

Tie and Mug: Thank you again FEU for having me as part of your 91st Foundation Anniversary.

Lindol Comics’ co-creator and writer Tedi Gustilo Villasor, Ph.D. followed with his talk on self-publishing (“Self-Publishing: Making your mark in the comic book industry today”).  Dr. Villasor, a practicing counseling and sport psychologist at the Makati Medical Center, offered not only insight on the challenges and possible benefits of independent publishing but also some tips on how indie creators and aspiring writers could make their projects a reality.

During the event, Dr. Villasor also announced that he will be releasing two books during the highly anticipated Summer Komikon 2019: Lindol #4 (with Lindol co-creator and award winning artist Randy Valiente) and OBIsessions #1 (with Jann Galino).


[i] Translated from Filipino, “Talking Comics: Kenkoy, The DI-13, and writing your own comics.”

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