Online Presence:

As part of my ongoing mission to cultivate the digital immigrant within me, I have added another two websites geared towards promoting my services as a psychologist and speaker. Enter Known to some people as ‘the Facebook of people in professional occupations,’ the purpose of is for users to build an contact network–up to the 3rdContinue reading “Online Presence:”

Makati Medical Center’s Computerized Information Kiosk

Among the many 21st century innovations that I have seen around the Makati Medical Center (MMC), one of the more prominent ones are the computerized information kiosk’s strategically located around the hospital.  The purpose these kiosks–among other things–is to assist patients in finding the right physician for them. It includes a search engine containing allContinue reading “Makati Medical Center’s Computerized Information Kiosk”

A Lesson from Alexander The Great

I don’t normally have posts like this but there was really no doubt in my mind that I should share this one.  Many thanks to my mom for showing me the following story. The last three wishes of Alexander the Great Just before he died, Alexander convened his generals and told them his last threeContinue reading “A Lesson from Alexander The Great”