Jason Kidd’s 100th triple-double: Destiny will have to wait (February 10, 2008)

Originally posted in one of my old blogs back in February 15, 2008.

February 10, 2008.

Despite a sudden torrid downpour of snow as we walked towards the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey—I could feel it in the cold air.

This afternoon’s match up between the New Jersey Nets and Dallas Mavericks was going to be a good one.

Or at least I hoped it would be a good one, if only for two reasons.

  • Super courtside seats!!!
  • Triple-double #100 (Kidd had the opportunity to record his 100th career triple-double that afternoon and finished with 13 points, 14 assists, and six rebounds—falling short of the feat by 4 caroms).

Some of the highlights: Continue reading “Jason Kidd’s 100th triple-double: Destiny will have to wait (February 10, 2008)”

Review: Condura Skyway Marathon (February 7, 2016)

Clockwise: My new Nike Free 5.0’s. | Condura Skyway Marathon runners kit. | Hello from up front! | Race Map at the back of the 2016 Condura Skyway Marathon finishers shirt. | The finish line. | Condura Skyway Marathon finishers shirt (21 km division).

Two days after flying in from the United States, there I was, jet lagged and all–getting ready for my second consecutive Condura Skyway Marathon.  Initially, I had thought that I would not be able to participate in this year’s Condura event due to my trip abroad.  But as luck would have it, while I was in the process of finalising my ticket, my schedule cleared up and the rest is history.

Prestigious and Exclusive

Since I’ve started running, I have always considered Condura to be the “unofficial starting point” to a new running season.  It is also–in my opinion–the most prestigious of all the running events that are out there due to its location and exclusivity.  After all, it is the only time of the year wherein human beings are allowed to run back-and-forth that long stretch of elevated road called Skyway.


The race also marked the debut of my new Black/White Nike Free 5.0[i].  This pair, much like its predecessors Nike Free 4.0 and Nike Free 3.0, will probably last me two years.  Free’s–despite the obvious contradiction–are excellent investments and should serve you well.

Overall, I felt that I put up a major league stinker with a time of 3:11:43 (21.1 km).  I remember having a good pace in my first 10.5 km but I then started to develop some numbness in the little toe of my left foot.  It was at this point that I decided to take it easy[ii].

[i] Which I never had a chance to break in as I purchased them a day before the race.
[ii] As I was not able to get a lot of practice runs in prior to Condura, the only expectation I had for myself that morning was to be able to finish the race.

Review: Indiana Pacers @ Brooklyn Nets (February 3, 2016)

Clockwise: The Atlantic Av-Barclays Center subway station | It rained all day today. | It’s Game Time at the Barclays Center | The Concourse. Breathtaking! | Photo opportunity with Jason Kidd’s retired jersey. My Paisanos Burger dinner. Due to safety concerns, the concessioner didn’t provide me with the bottle cap of my drink. No doubt the result of the 2004 brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

New York – With the last leg of my US trip coming to a close, I felt that I had gone out and done practically everything that I had set out to do with the exception of catching an NBA game. While in California the week before, I had hoped to see the Warriors in Oracle Arena[i]. But as luck would have it, Golden State was in the middle of back-to-back games in Philadelphia (January 30) and New York (January 31).

I missed them by—placing my index finger ever closer to my thumb—this much as I only flew to New York the following evening. So my options now were either seeing the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden (February 2) or visit the spanking new home of the Brooklyn Nets: The Barclays Center (February 3).

It was an easy choice. The Nets. As I had never been to Barclays before[ii].

Game Day

Following the concierge’s instructions to the letter, I took the suggested two trains and found myself in the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center stop—right below the Barclays Center. I was prepared for my trip up to that point, but what I didn’t expect was the proximity of Barclays to the subway’s entrance. Now, I knew it was nearby. But I didn’t expect it to be that near! By my estimation, it was only a few feet away from the subway! Continue reading “Review: Indiana Pacers @ Brooklyn Nets (February 3, 2016)”