Review: NBA 2k14’s MyCAREER Mode (Part I) ( Exclusive)

Where Villasor Happens: NBA 2k14’s MyCAREER mode allows you–the controller–to live out your NBA basketball dreams.

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Making a name in the NBA 2k14 landscape

One aspect of the NBA 2k franchise that has always caught my interest has been the MyCAREER mode as it works on a fantasy scenario wherein you—the controller—is at the center of the professional basketball world. Imagine being an up-and-coming college or international prospect trying to make the NBA and every move, every decision, that you make will not only factor into how much playing time you will be receiving—but also influence which NBA franchise would eventually consider you for their team.

Several days after the release of NBA 2k14, I decided to invest my time and commit to playing a season for this review. Among the game parameters that I set for myself were: Game difficulty [Pro Level]; Game/Simulation Length [8 minute quarters]; That I play every game [No game simulations]; and play with the lineup that I had at the start of the season [Provide zero influence to the general manager on possible trade situations].

As for my player (whom we will simply call “Doc”), I set him up to be a 29-year old, pass-first point guard hailing from the Philippines and 2k14 took care of the rest. Doc was given a decent height (6’3’’), weight (185 lbs), and skills (above average ratings in “passing” and “ball handling”) for a guard. Now it was all up to my gaming skill to see where he would eventually end up in the NBA.

NBA Draft

Prior to the 2k14 NBA Draft, collegiate and international prospects are required to showcase their talents in a single game known as the draft combine. As a starting guard for the Elites, I ended up helped my team (2 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 steals in 22 minutes) to a 93-86 victory over the Stars. Doc’s contributions generated three random team interviews with representatives from the Boston Celtics (16th pick), Dallas Mavericks (13th selection), and Atlanta Hawks (18th pick).

At this point, team representatives will interview you one-at-a-time and ask around two questions.[i] In my first interview, I was quite ecstatic—being a Celtics fan—that Boston was one of the teams that was considering to draft my player.


[i] I feel that it is best to answer these questions as honestly as you can, since you’ll never really know where you might end up.


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