Marvel Run Philippines 2018 (July 7, 2018)

Marvel Run Philippines 2018
Clockwise: Part of our Premium Race Pack (not pictured is the Marvel-themed drawstring bag) | Making my way though a sea of runners. | We did it!

One of the things that my son wanted for his birthday was to participate in the very first Marvel themed run in the Philippines.  Now how could any parent–especially this parent–say no to that request!

Held at the Block 16, SM Mall of Asia Event Grounds, we arrived in time for a number of ColorRun Manila pre-run activities such as the “Stan Lee” interview and the Asgardian stretching exercises led by The Amazing Spider-Man and Loki: The God of Mischief.

Not long after the 10K runners sped off, our Captain America themed group positioned ourselves near the starting gate and the next thing we knew, confetti flew through the air to signal the start of our 5k race.

As we approached the 1k mark, we noticed The Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Stephen Stranger, attending to photograph seeking runners.  When we turned the next corner, a backpack clad Spider-Man was jogging in place as he waved to runners that passed him by.

After that, it got a bit hazy as to who was next.  In no particular order we saw: Star-Lord, Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, an overweight Spider-Man, and yes, even the finger-snapping Thanos.[i] These cosplayers–who I was later informed worked pro bono–were the life of the event and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for making my first run of 2018 a memorable one.

Towards the last kilometer of our run, rain began pouring down from the sky and needless to say we were soaked from head to toe as we crossed the finish line.[ii]

What a way to start off our Saturday morning.


[i] I know there were more cosplayers along the 1 km – 5 km route.  Apologies to those that I was not able to mention.
[ii] Our team clocked in a running time of 57:38 minutes (5.14 km) from the starting gate to the finish line–and then some.

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