Comic Odyssey’s Captain America (2018) #1 Signing Event (July 8, 2017)

Captain America #1 Signing 2018
Clockwise: Leinil (Right) and Gerry share a moment. | Photo opportunity with Leinil and Gerry. Thanks guys for signing my books and pages. | Photo with Bucky Captain America! | The stuff I had signed at the event.[ii]
Earlier this afternoon, I proceeded to Comic Odyssey’s newest branch on Level 3 of Robinson’s Galleria for the Captain America (Volume #9 | Issue #1) signing event featuring Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan.

The event, scheduled from 1pm onwards, was held in the common area directly in front of Comic Odyssey.  The open space not only gave the guest artists and patrons more breathing room but also served to attract fans/passersby who were otherwise unaware of the Captain America signing.[i]

It was great to see Leinil and Gerry again–their first signing together since Secret Empire last June 2017–and their next one can’t come soon enough.


[i] Leinil and Gerry will be the creative team for the first six issues of Captain America #1.
[ii] Pictured: Supercrooks 2×17, 4×15, 4×27, and Captain America FCBD 1×1; Captain America #1 (Mike Zeck Variant Cover); Captain America #1 (Blank Cover Variant), and a Captain America #1 signed promotional card.  Thanks again to my brother @Timzster for the Zeck Variant and promo card.  Other pages signed were Secret Empire 4×12 | Supercrooks 3×8, 4×12, 4×14, and 4×26.

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