Product Review: Artline Stix

For my daily sketch challenges, I only use Artline Stix!
For my daily sketch challenges, I only use Artline Stix!

Simultaneously released during the recently concluded AsiaPOP Comicon and Manila International Book Fair by National Bookstore, Artiline Stix is a product for the young and mature.  It’s “connect and build” design reminds me a lot of Lego and it certainly works well from not only a creative and “play standpoint” but also from an organizational one.

These Stix’s come in twenty different colors and in three different types: Drawing Pens, Brush Markers, and Colouring Markers.  I’ve used all three mediums and the drawing pen is becoming my fast favorite.

Here is a list of the available colors:

  • Apricot (*)
  • Black (*)
  • Brown (*)
  • Dark Brown (*)
  • Blue (*)
  • Light Blue (*)
  • Royal Blue (*)
  • Sky Blue (*)
  • Grey
  • Green (*)
  • Dark Green
  • Yellow Green (*)
  • Magenta (*)
  • Orange (*)
  • Pink (*)
  • Purple (*)
  • Red (*)
  • Dark Red
  • Turquoise (*)
  • Yellow (*)

As of this post, Artline Stix in available in your local National Bookstore branches.

Draw, Build and Play with Artline Stix. Use your imagination to connect and build markers together. or draw with the colouring, drawing or brush markers to create a masterpiece. –

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