A Dying Medium: Compact Discs [Part 3] (June 11, 2017)

I almost forgot. In addition to the two Takara Tomy Arts Super Figure Collection Grendizer UFO Gashapons that I lucked out in getting yesterday, I also picked up a couple of used discs: Hall & Oates’ Rock n’ Soul Part 1[i] and Spyro Gyra’s first live album entitled, Access All Areas. These albums were without […]


Back in the early 90’s, Compact Discs (CD) were the thing!  A literal upgrade in quality from the bulky Vinyl, 8-track, and cassette tapes.  It was the only way to get music back then as digital downloads were still in its infancy.  CD’s also had a long lifespan–unless you left them under direct sunlight–and were reported to be good for a couple of thousand plays before encountering any problems.

Here is the latest batch of discs that I picked up:

Outside: From the Redwoods (1993)

The second live album by Kenny Loggins.  Originally recorded in a 1992 concert held “outside” a venue located within a stand of giant redwood trees. Loggins released it the following year.

I actually had this in cassette!  Favorites include Conviction of the Heart and the Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald duet What a Fool Believes.

Track List:

  1. Conviction of the Heart – 5:36
  2. What a Fool Believes (Duet with Michael McDonald) – 4:12
  3. Your Mama Don’t Dance – 4:13
  4. I Would Do Anything (Duet with Shanice) – 7:36
  5. Now and Then – 3:31
  6. Angry Eyes – 4:48
  7. If You Believe – 6:04
  8. Celebrate Me Home – 8:02
  9. Love Will Follow (Duet with Shanice) – 5:53
  10. Leap of Faith – 6:54
  11. This Is It – 4:18
  12. Footlose – 4:03
  13. I’m Alright – 8:48

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