Solo Flight: Journey to San Pablo City (January 19, 2019)

A first for everything Over the last two or three years, my friends and I have gone on several day trips to San Pablo City–the farthest point that I have ever driven down south.  On each of those road trips, I was always the one behind the wheel with my friends usually handling the navigationalContinue reading “Solo Flight: Journey to San Pablo City (January 19, 2019)”

Giving Powers a chance (April 8, 2017)

While on an out-of-town trip with some friends, we decided to stop by SM City San Pablo for lunch.  It was our first time there and SM sure made the most of their lot.  They had their staple department store and grocery sections but only an exiguous number of restaurants. The good thing though isContinue reading “Giving Powers a chance (April 8, 2017)”