Hoop Coaches International Webinar – Day 18 (May 22, 2020)

Tonight’s Hoop Coaches International Webinar at 8:00 pm will feature current 76ers assistant coach John Bryant. Coach Bryant will talk about player development in the National Basketball Association (NBA).  

Understanding Markelle Fultz though my own injury (January 31, 2019)

The story so far… After a decorated high school career and a so-so one-and-done freshman year with the Washington Huskies, the Philadelphia 76ers (#3) swapped draft positions with the Boston Celtics (#1) prior to the 2017 National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft in order to select heralded 6’3″ point guard Markelle N’Gai Fultz. On paper, Bryan Colangelo–thenContinue reading “Understanding Markelle Fultz though my own injury (January 31, 2019)”

Review: Indiana Pacers @ Brooklyn Nets (February 3, 2016)

New York – With the last leg of my US trip coming to a close, I felt that I had gone out and done practically everything that I had set out to do with the exception of catching an NBA game. While in California the week before, I had hoped to see the Warriors inContinue reading “Review: Indiana Pacers @ Brooklyn Nets (February 3, 2016)”