The Tedi31 Podcast: Interview with Noel Zarate (June 8, 2020)

In Season 1 | Episode 11 of The Tedi31 Podcast with Dr. Tedi Villasor, Tedi speaks with veteran sportscaster Noel Zarate.  Zarate, along with several other local sportscasters, established the Center for Sports Communication (CSC) [2001] and Newbies Broadcasting Academy [2018].  In 2020, he hosts “An Eternity of Basketball” podcast along with Atty. Charlie T.Continue reading “The Tedi31 Podcast: Interview with Noel Zarate (June 8, 2020)”

Review: ToyCon 2017 (June 30, 2017)

     Hopefully the first of many videos:  Just wanted to give you guys a peek of our Day 1 ToyCon 2017 experience. ToyCon 2017. I’ll try to be kind. However, my thoughts on its point pricing and space allotment haven’t changed much since my review last year. The saving grace though was having a photoContinue reading “Review: ToyCon 2017 (June 30, 2017)”