Komiket 2019 (February 18, 2019)

Medical Report I’ll be honest.  I am not in the best of shape today.  I’ve got the flu and didn’t think I’d even get a chance to post this entry tonight as I went to bed early.  Here’s a quick summary: No cough, running nose, or joint pain (I am grateful) but my throat isContinue reading “Komiket 2019 (February 18, 2019)”

Komiket Awards 2019 (February 15, 2019)

Got great news today that Lindol Comics has been considered for the Komiket Awards 2019 that will be taking place during Komiket 2019 (February 16 and 17, 2019 | The Elements at Centris along Quezon Avenue). I am also very grateful for the kind reviews that Anima-i Germaine and EK Gonzalez gave Lindol. Anima-i Germaine wrote:Continue reading “Komiket Awards 2019 (February 15, 2019)”