Those First Twelve In-Game Days in Fallout 4 (January 6, 2019)

Surrounded by four walls and strategically placed current guns, Covenant is arguably the most fortified settlement in Fallout 4.

Twelve in-game days have passed since I started my latest foray into the Commonwealth and my past gaming experience has certainly served me well.  Knowing the lay of the land, how to properly appropriate bottle caps[i], and more importantly, targeting the right Perk Up’s[ii] have advanced the progress of my character to–as of this writing–Level 11.  That’s almost one level for every in-game day. *wink*

The goals at the moment are simple: Refrain from over expanding[iii], reach the coveted Level 14 (+ 6 Charisma) so that I can finally establish supply lines between my settlements, and enjoy the game (of course!).

Since my last Fallout 4 post, I have built and fortified an additional two settlements (Abernathy Farm and Covenant) and probably won’t add another settlement until my supply lines are set.  Supply lines are important as each settlement would have direct access to each other’s materials and food–relieving me of the time consuming task of lugging around the required construction materials from one base to another. Continue reading “Those First Twelve In-Game Days in Fallout 4 (January 6, 2019)”

Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth [Day 2 to 4] (January 4, 2019)

Ready to Rock and Roll with my T-45 Power Armor.

Here is a Fallout 4 joke that I came up with:

Question: How do you know that you’re addicted to Fallout 4?

Answer: When you’re in-game character gets more sleep that you do.

Funny but true.  I hope you guys got a good chuckle out of that one.  So back to the game, I put in another three full days (in Fallout time) of work and here is the breakdown:

Day 2

A lone settler ventured into Sanctuary just as I was about to end Day 1 so I immediately assigned him to the small number of crops that I had planted in the settlement before going to “sleep.”

To start off Day 2, I headed to the nearby Red Rocket Truck Stop and met my character’s first companion: A dog called Dogmeat.  Those guys over at Bethesda Softworks seem to have a good sense of humor.

But I digress, the rest of the day was spent clearing out the Red Rocket and setting up another homing beacon to bring in potential settlers.  The hardest materials to scavenge this early in the game are concrete, gears, and “circuity.”  The latter two are needed to generate the necessary defense turrets to discourage potential enemy attacks. Continue reading “Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth [Day 2 to 4] (January 4, 2019)”

Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth (January 3, 2019)

After 200 years, The Lone Wanderer (that’s me!) exits Vault 111 for the very first time.

It has been three years since I first finished Fallout 4 (2015) on the PS4 and recently, I decided to dust off the old game and revisit the Commonwealth.  Rusty was an understatement, but I soon relearned all of the controls and got as far as the Fort Hagen quest before my brother came into my room and said, “I have a gift for you.”

“Really?  What is it?”

“As part of your Christmas gift this year, I got you the US version of Fallout 4 along with all of the downloadable content (DLC).  Enjoy!”[i]

The Catch

What a great gesture and gift! But there was a catch: That I would have to restart my game and play from scratch!  Goodbye modified legendary weapons!  Hello basic pipe and 10 mm pistols!

But according to my brother, the payoff would be immeasurable as the DLC’s that he got for me would now become part of the main Fallout 4 map…effectively generating new places to explore and with them—new adventures and challenges.[ii] Continue reading “Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth (January 3, 2019)”

Funko POP!: A Completists Paradise…or Nightmare (July 22, 2018)

Despite the growing popularity of the Funko POP! Vinyl line in the Philippines, I’ve held off[i] buying any of their products largely due to their simplicity and lack of articulation.  I think I may have also reached a point wherein I swore I would never buy anything Funko.

Well, that all change in 2017 when I was introduced[ii] to Adult Swim’s animated science fiction adventure comedy series called Rick and Morty.  If that introduction wasn’t enough, I was completely hooked after watching this video below (Note: This is the uncensored version.):

I know right!  This show has everything!  An 80’s nod here and there.

I could totally relate.

Rick and Morty POP Collection 1
My Rick and Morty Funko Pop! Collection Checklist (Part 1 of 3): Finding the GameStop and Hot Topic exclusives will be a tall order.

Interest leads to Want

But like with many other things in life, interest oftentimes leads to Want. With Want sometimes gets confused with Need.

That’s where Funko comes in—supplying that void called Want/Need.  The toy manufacturer gained the licensing rights to produce Rick and Morty merchandise and boy, did they produce.  As of this post, there have been 46 regular and exclusive Vinyl figures, 2 regular and exclusive POP! Rides, and a 2-pack exclusive that have been released into primary and secondary markets. Continue reading “Funko POP!: A Completists Paradise…or Nightmare (July 22, 2018)”

Review: The Gathering 11th TAGCOM [Toys and Hobbies Convention] (April 29, 2017)

Clockwise: Present and accounted for at The Gathering 11th TAGCOM (Toys and Hobbies Convention). | Looking though the lens of a toy for sale at the convention. | Photo opportunity with Justice PH. | Kong: Skull Island merchandise. | All ready for Disneyland: Some hats that we picked up. | If money were no object, I would have scooped up all of the all of the available Fallout 4 5″ Vault Boy 111 Bobbleheads in a heartbeat.  Pictured are the Melee Weapons, Strength, and Repair Bobbleheads.

I ate my words today.

What I thought would be (at the most) a half-day event–The Gathering 11th TAGCOM [Toys and Hobbies Convention]–turned into a whole day affair.

Yep.  The Fam and I ended up staying from 11 am till closing.[i]  Even I can’t believe it myself.

It was loads of fun.  Lots to see. But we were all dead tired by the end of it all.

A fun and fulfilling kind of tired.

The Sights

Despite only occupying what seemed like a very generous 3/4 of the Megatrade Hall 3, there seemed to be a little something for everyone.  Character beanies and dinosaurs aside, what stood out for me was the amount of Godzilla merchandise spread out among the vendors.  There was a ton and I’m sure they have been around, but for me, it was like they all appeared out of nowhere.

Continue reading “Review: The Gathering 11th TAGCOM [Toys and Hobbies Convention] (April 29, 2017)”