What are Millennials?

According to TIME Magazine’s Joel Stein, Millennials or Generation Y are people born between 1980-2000.  They are “fame-obsessed” and compared to the generation that is now 65 or older, “the incidences of narcissistic personality disorder are three times as high.”  Coined by Strauss and Howe, Millennials were described as having been empowered by the informationContinue reading “What are Millennials?”

That period called Adultescence

An eyeopener written by Ms. Vanessa Valenzuela of Health.Care Magazine. Review to follow. FOREVER A CHILD:  A NEW SOCIAL SYNDROME? Vanessa Valenzuela Health.Care Magazine Meet Betty, a single 32-year-old account executive from Makati who recently broke up with her boyfriend of 3 months. During free time she loves listening to the latest club music whileContinue reading “That period called Adultescence”