Review: ‘Alien Covenant In Utero’ VR Experience in Trinoma (May 8, 2017)

Clockwise: I have arrived…at the ‘Alien Covenant In Utero’ Exhibit. | The VR Experience. | Happy smiles. | Alien Covenant in Utero poster. | D by the sign.

Before catching the advance screening of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, our group made it a point to drop by the ‘Alien Covenant In Utero‘ Virtual Reality (VR) Experience/Exhibit located right outside the Trinoma Cinema area.

The small exhibit featured a visual history of the Alien franchise as well as posters charting the life cycle of the Xenomorph: Starting with the Xenomorph egg, followed by the facehugger, then the chestburster[ii], and finally the Xenomorph.

But the highlight of the exhibit was the free, 360 degree virtual experience that puts moviegoers inside the body of an alien Neomorph just as it bursts from the back of Ledward.[i] Continue reading “Review: ‘Alien Covenant In Utero’ VR Experience in Trinoma (May 8, 2017)”