Long distance relationships: Are they workable?

In all honesty, the success of any long distance relationship boils down to four factors: Love, Trust, Resolve and a concrete Plan.  I believe that the absence of any of these factors could contribute heavily to the end of the relationship as well as some feelings of resentment, loss of self-worth, anxiety, and even depressionContinue reading “Long distance relationships: Are they workable?”

The Bamboo has a different purpose than the Fern

The Bamboo Story One day I decided to quit my job, relationship, spirituality, and my life. But I decided to have one last conversation with God. The Lord asked me, “Give me one good reason not to quit?’ And He continued, “Look all around, do you see the  fern and the bamboo?” “Yes,” I replied. ‘WhenContinue reading “The Bamboo has a different purpose than the Fern”