Hoop Coaches International Webinar – Day 9 (May 7, 2020)

Career Talk at DLSU

An invitation by De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU) Professor Marybeth Nave to give a career talk to her Personal Effectiveness 2 (PERSEF2) class the other week has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on a number lessons and challenges that I have learned in my academic/professional journey. So far, it’s been an interesting ride andContinue reading “Career Talk at DLSU”

First day as a Ph.D.’er

  Reflecting on the past Below are some of my thoughts during the day of my final defense–June 19, 2009. First day as a Ph.D.’er June 19, 2009 Woke up early today to put the finishing touches on my PowerPoint presentation that was due a month ago.  In total, I was staring at 56 slidesContinue reading “First day as a Ph.D.’er”