Books that are sitting on my shelf [Part 1] (January 18, 2019)

My Walking Dead books flanked by a “Everyday” CD single that was signed by Incognito lead man Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick way back in March 11, 2014. 

The Walking Dead Series [Novels]

Yes, there are novels based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead series.

Over a three-year period, The Walking Dead co-creator and writer worked with author/director Jay Bonansinga on three tie-in novels[i] chronicling the journey of Brian Blake–the man whom we would come to know as The Governor.  Fortunately, I was able to find the first two books during one of my legendary Booksale runs [The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor (2011) and The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury (2012)] and the third during the Big Bad Wolf Books event in 2017 [The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor (2013)]. Continue reading “Books that are sitting on my shelf [Part 1] (January 18, 2019)”

What Became of Sir Charles’ Book (January 15, 2019)

Setting the price point of P249 (Philippine Pesos) aside, I’m pretty sure that Charles never dreamed that his book would ever be used in this way.

Today we stopped by Biblio (The Purveyors of Pre-Owned Books) latest branch in Alabang Town Center for a quick look-see.

We just had to.

Aside from conservative selection of second-hand books, the quaint bookstore also had a selection of journals, notebooks, and decorative knickknacks on sale.

But it was this hardbound book (right) that really caught my eye: the controversial bestseller entitled, “Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man?” (2005) by National Basketball Association (NBA) Hall of Famer Charles Wade Barkley.

Continue reading “What Became of Sir Charles’ Book (January 15, 2019)”

Bacolod Book Finds (January 11, 2019)

My latest Book Hauls (See below)

Greetings from Bacolod!

Looking back, no trip to The City of Smiles has ever been complete without that customary pilgrimage to Booksale.

So true to form–and less than six hours after I flew in–I found myself doing just that: Rummaging through dozens upon dozens of second hand merchandise in SM Bacolod’s Booksale branch.[i] Continue reading “Bacolod Book Finds (January 11, 2019)”

My Love/Hate Relationship with Great Illustrated Classics (January 1, 2019)

I used to own the pocketbook version but I misplaced it as time went by.  I’ll find it eventually. 

Unlikely Reunion

Whenever my family and I go to a mall that has a Booksale branch[i], we always make it a point to drop by.  Even going to such lengths as assigning it as our designated meeting area.

During a recent trip, I happened to come across a hardbound Great Illustrated Classics (GIC) edition of The Mutiny On Board HMS Bounty [William Bligh, Deborah Kestel (Adapter), Brendan Lynch (Illustrator)] and immediately picked it up as it brought back so many childhood memories. Continue reading “My Love/Hate Relationship with Great Illustrated Classics (January 1, 2019)”

Giving Powers a chance (April 8, 2017)

My copy of Powers Volume 2: Role-play

While on an out-of-town trip with some friends, we decided to stop by SM City San Pablo for lunch.  It was our first time there and SM sure made the most of their lot.  They had their staple department store and grocery sections but only an exiguous number of restaurants.

The good thing though is that SM City San Pablo did manage to squeeze in a small branch of Booksale among their many lessees.  Highest marks SM!  Anyway, I found a copy of Powers Volume 4: Supergroup and Volume 5: Anarchy[i] and decided to pick them up largely because of the Powers double-splash page homage that writer Joshua Williamson and artist Mike Henderson put into Nailbiter #7[ii].

What then is Powers?  To be honest, I didn’t know much past it being a Brian Michael Bendis book.  It turns out that Bendis and Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming use a very generous–and I do mean generous–amount of panels to convey a scene.

I think by the time I am done reading these Powers books, I’d have my own Powers homage layout in mind for a future issue of ObIsessions.


[i] The following day, I found and purchased Powers Volume 2: Role-play in Booksale’s V-Mall branch.  Anyone know where I can get my hands on Volume 1: Who Killed Retro Girl and Volume 3: Little Deaths? This is a nice little quest since I don’t usually buy physical TPB’s anymore.  You know, lack of space and all.
[ii] If you haven’t read that issue yet, put down what your doing right now and read Nailbiter.  Their 30-issue run ended last March 2017.