Game Review: Being The Story: NBA 2K16 ( and Exclusive)

Two weeks ago, I was asked by the Philippine Star to write a piece on the latest installment in the NBA 2K series–NBA 2K16.  Below is a short excerpt of the article: MANILA, Philippines – If there is one moment that I look forward to whenever a new NBA 2K installment hits the shelves, itContinue reading “Game Review: Being The Story: NBA 2K16 ( and Exclusive)”

That period called Adultescence

An eyeopener written by Ms. Vanessa Valenzuela of Health.Care Magazine. Review to follow. FOREVER A CHILD:  A NEW SOCIAL SYNDROME? Vanessa Valenzuela Health.Care Magazine Meet Betty, a single 32-year-old account executive from Makati who recently broke up with her boyfriend of 3 months. During free time she loves listening to the latest club music whileContinue reading “That period called Adultescence”