My Official Facebook Page is here!

With the success of the recent National Mental Health Week Seminar entitled “A Celebration of the past 60 years and looking ahead to another 60 years: On healthy minds rest a healthy nation” last Septemeber 8, 2010 and the medium (Internet) that Dr. Michael Romero of The Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) Pangasinan-Dagupan City-San Carlos CityContinue reading “My Official Facebook Page is here!”

First day as a Ph.D.’er

  Reflecting on the past Below are some of my thoughts during the day of my final defense–June 19, 2009. First day as a Ph.D.’er June 19, 2009 Woke up early today to put the finishing touches on my PowerPoint presentation that was due a month ago.  In total, I was staring at 56 slidesContinue reading “First day as a Ph.D.’er”