First day as a Ph.D.’er

  Reflecting on the past Below are some of my thoughts during the day of my final defense–June 19, 2009. First day as a Ph.D.’er June 19, 2009 Woke up early today to put the finishing touches on my PowerPoint presentation that was due a month ago.  In total, I was staring at 56 slidesContinue reading “First day as a Ph.D.’er”

Profile: Hannibal Lecter

As I was cleaning up my room the other week, I came across a paper I wrote for a psychology class way back in 2001.  The subject was Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter. This piece also gives you an idea of my writing style almost 10 years ago. The Silence of the Red Hannibal Once you’veContinue reading “Profile: Hannibal Lecter”

Profile: Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types

Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types Berens (1999) describes Jung’s theory of Psychological Types as a departure from the works of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler as Freud’s focus on his patients “seemed to be on the external world of adjustment to the outside world,” while Adler’s practice “seemed to be more focused on the primacyContinue reading “Profile: Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types”