Launching The Monthly Advice Newsletter (September 9, 2021)

It was several hours past midnight when I finally decided to get up and put together this monthly newsletter idea that I’ve had for quite some time. At it’s core, the purpose of this Monthly Advice Newsletter—or The Man for short—is to provide a platform for those who are dealing with a mental health concern and may not have access to a licensed psychologist or counselor.

The newsletter would also allow those who are unfamiliar or apprehensive with the therapeutic process to have a more intimate look. From this safe distance, it is my hope that they would be able to determine if it is a right fit for them.

How it works

Monthly Advice Newsletter subscribers can send in an email with their presenting concern or problem to I’ll get to as many of them as my time would allow. Each month, one (1) of these emails will be featured in the newsletter.

It is my hope that by breaking down these cases each month, it will be able to help a wider audience who may be dealing with a similar concern.

Visit to subscribe and learn more about The Monthly Advice Newsletter.

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