Quarantine Journal: March 15, 2020

If Batman has Robin, I have Hydro Flask.

Enter: Hydro Flask

For several years, I’ve had a weakness for milk tea that wasn’t going to change any time soon unless I made a conscious decision to change my drinking habits.  I had kept on putting that off until I finally purchased a Hydro Flask (32 Oz Black Wide Mouth) hydration bottle last Monday (March 9, 2020).

By the following evening, my new bottle was washed, full of ice, and filled with water.


My go-to drink for the next 365 days (at least).

Two days later…

48 hours later, the President goes on television to raise the COVID-19 alert to it’s highest possible level–Code Red Sublevel 2.  As part of this alert, a 30-day community quarantine was also put into place…followed later on with a curfew.

The community quarantine–a necessary initiative to stem to the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)–has affected us all.

That alone is an understatement.

Keep your eyes on your cart!

This afternoon, we made a quick run to the grocery for some much needed bathroom products.  As I was cueing up, a lady in the next counter reached over and tried to pick up one of the bottles of alcohol in my cart (don’t worry, there were only two).

I was so shocked that I immediately moved my cart away from her.

The lady reasoned that she was only going to ask the clerk at the counter what the price of the bottle was.

Yes…I am sure that was the reason.



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