Creating a Soul Project (February 14, 2019)

Depending on who you are speaking with, a Soul Project could have numerous definitions.  The most important being what that particular Project means to you.  For me, a Soul Project should imbibe the following qualities:

  • That it would involve the use of your hands.
  • That a firm commitment is made to it.
    • Should you not have the requisite skills for the chosen Soul Project, a further commitment should be made to acquire them.
    • Collaborations are also an option.
  • That there be a culminating activity wherein you would unveil your Soul Project to the “world.”

A Soul Project is meant to serve as a proverbial lighthouse whenever life seems to steer your vessel off course.  It is a shining beacon that hopes to give those committed a sense of unmitigated purpose as well as that fervent hope that no matter how difficult; no matter how far the journey may be–if they persevere, they will eventually reach the destination that they were ultimately meant for.

If you would like to know more about establishing your own Soul Project, you may email me directly (Click here).

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