The Coffee Master (February 5, 2019)

img_3354So the Starbucks aprons arrived yesterday though the mail but I only got a chance to take a closer look at them this evening.

The Red Apron

I found the red apron–which I assume is the one that the Starbucks Partners use during the Christmas holidays–to be the more functional of the two.  It is equipped with two waist high pockets that are located on each side of the apron.  There is also a pen holster hidden behind the left sleeve of the apron–no doubt meant to host the writing apparatus for those tricky beverage customizations.

The Black Apron

Ah!  The Starbucks Reserve Coffee Master Apron.  From what I gather, a Starbucks Partner has to be trained to make and serve specialized Reserve beverages before they can earn this Apron.

Man, wouldn’t it be great to get a peak behind the “Starbucks Iron Curtain” and learn more about the benchmarks that a Starbucks Partner must achieve before they can be given the prestigious title, “The Coffee Master.”

You guys have any leads?

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