Remembering our lone visit to St. Marks Comics NYC (February 4, 2019)

x MARKS the spot!

October 3, 2018

During one of our family vacation scheduled “free days,” my brother Tim and I decided to make a trip to famous St. Mark’s Comics in East Village.  To be honest, it was a miracle that we finally found the establishment as we relied heavily on the New York Transit Systems’ free internet connection in order to access my mobile phone’s GPS and online maps.

Inside the premises

Once I entered St. Mark’s, I was informed by one of their attendants that I would need to leave my satchel behind a bookshelf/divider across the counter.  I was hesitant at first as I had everything in there, but I eventually relented and pocketed the number tag they gave me.

As I went through their glass display cases that featured a number of statues and mini busts, I surmised that their bag polices might have been brought about by “being burned so often in the past.”

Pricey but worth it as I didn’t see another one for the rest of my US Trip.

What I bought

My lone purchase and memento from St. Mark’s Comics was this D.C. Gallery Two-Face coin prop (Right).  Now, it’s not even close to being “at scale,” but when I hold it in the palm of my hand—I can’t help but put myself in Harvey’s shoes.

The weight of chance!

They had quite a run

Last January 30, 2019, St. Marks Comics posted this message on their Facebook Page:

Thanks for your patience.

We were trying to get this out earlier, but we got some things going on…


After 36 years of being privileged to serve #NewYork

St. Mark’s Comics is closing at the end of February.

We will start our massive, store-emptying #sale TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JAN 30!

We’ve been asked why.

There are lots of obstacles to running a retail storefront in NYC; too many of them at once to fight, and after 36 pretty intense years, not enough left to fight them.

We are forever grateful to our customers, who made it possible to pursue our passion for so long.

To our families and friends, without whose patience and indulgence we could never do all the things required to run a retail business for 36 years.

Most especially, to all the talented and dedicated staff, mostly now extended family, who contributed their time, expertise, ideas, and love to make this the very best shop it could be.

We’ll see you soon to say goodbye and share a good memory.

Let’s make this month a wake, not a funeral.
St. Mark’s Comics is located at 11 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA.

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