Hardbound Starbucks Philippines Gift Cards Checklist (January 16, 2019)

img_6021While riding the wave of inspiration that suddenly hit me this evening, I decided to put some work into my latest acquisition, and turn the first few pages of the secret compartment book into a complete checklist of all the Starbucks Philippines gift cards that have been released since August 2013.

Lots of Cards!

To date, I have acquired or outsourced 142 of the 146 Starbucks Philippines cards[i] so the primary purpose of this hardbound checklist would be to keep tabs on my collection’s remaining stored value.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: If your Starbucks gift card has at least one Philippine Peso of stored value, how long would it last before it expires?

Answer (via Starbuckscard.ph):

Your Starbucks Card will not expire so long as you keep using your Card and have available load. Only Cards with no activity and load will expire 3 years from the last purchase.


[i] Active and (all but one) with their PIN intact.

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