Bacolod Book Finds (January 11, 2019)

My latest Book Hauls (See below)

Greetings from Bacolod!

Looking back, no trip to The City of Smiles has ever been complete without that customary pilgrimage to Booksale.

So true to form–and less than six hours after I flew in–I found myself doing just that: Rummaging through dozens upon dozens of second hand merchandise in SM Bacolod’s Booksale branch.[i]

The Haul

By the time I headed to the counter, I settled on three paperback books (The official movie novelization of Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), Enemy Mine (1985)[ii], and Anthony BurgessA Clockwork Orange.) and two old comic book issues of DNAgents (Issues #7 and #8).

All for the grand total of P139[iii]!


[i] As of this entry, only three Booksale branches remain in Bacolod City: Gaisano Mall, Robinson’s Place – Bacolod, and the aforementioned SM Bacolod.
[ii] Which bombed in its theatrical release but ultimately became a cult classic in its own right.
[iii] I know, I can hardly believe it as well!  Less than three USD!

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