Those First Twelve In-Game Days in Fallout 4 (January 6, 2019)

Surrounded by four walls and strategically placed current guns, Covenant is arguably the most fortified settlement in Fallout 4.

Twelve in-game days have passed since I started my latest foray into the Commonwealth and my past gaming experience has certainly served me well.  Knowing the lay of the land, how to properly appropriate bottle caps[i], and more importantly, targeting the right Perk Up’s[ii] have advanced the progress of my character to–as of this writing–Level 11.  That’s almost one level for every in-game day. *wink*

The goals at the moment are simple: Refrain from over expanding[iii], reach the coveted Level 14 (+ 6 Charisma) so that I can finally establish supply lines between my settlements, and enjoy the game (of course!).

Since my last Fallout 4 post, I have built and fortified an additional two settlements (Abernathy Farm and Covenant) and probably won’t add another settlement until my supply lines are set.  Supply lines are important as each settlement would have direct access to each other’s materials and food–relieving me of the time consuming task of lugging around the required construction materials from one base to another. Continue reading “Those First Twelve In-Game Days in Fallout 4 (January 6, 2019)”