Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth [Day 2 to 4] (January 4, 2019)

Ready to Rock and Roll with my T-45 Power Armor.

Here is a Fallout 4 joke that I came up with:

Question: How do you know that you’re addicted to Fallout 4?

Answer: When you’re in-game character gets more sleep that you do.

Funny but true.  I hope you guys got a good chuckle out of that one.  So back to the game, I put in another three full days (in Fallout time) of work and here is the breakdown:

Day 2

A lone settler ventured into Sanctuary just as I was about to end Day 1 so I immediately assigned him to the small number of crops that I had planted in the settlement before going to “sleep.”

To start off Day 2, I headed to the nearby Red Rocket Truck Stop and met my character’s first companion: A dog called Dogmeat.  Those guys over at Bethesda Softworks seem to have a good sense of humor.

But I digress, the rest of the day was spent clearing out the Red Rocket and setting up another homing beacon to bring in potential settlers.  The hardest materials to scavenge this early in the game are concrete, gears, and “circuity.”  The latter two are needed to generate the necessary defense turrets to discourage potential enemy attacks.

Day 3

Fulfilled the first mission of the game:  Travel to the nearby town of Concord and rescued Commonwealth Minutemen senior officer Preston Garvey and his group of survivors from a Raiders attack[i].

Waste not. Want not.

I also made sure to scavenge ever single ounce of junk materials that I could carry[ii] as well as secure what would be the first of many Power Armors.

Escorted the group back to Sanctuary.  They should get the community rolling.

Perks Up

By this time, I have already moved up five levels—with each level allowing me to opportunity to build up my character.  In order, here are the five perks that I selected:

  1. Locksmith (Perception Perk | Level 4 | Allows me the opportunity to immediately pick the three safes that I found in Sanctuary).
  2. Mysterious Stranger (Luck Perks | Level 4 | A mysterious friend to help you take care of those enemies that you missed).
  3. Level Up Charisma +2 (Did a back-to-back for this one as it is a necessary requirement to unlock the Local Leader Perk once you reach Level 14, Charisma 6), and
  4. Local Leader (Charisma Perks | Level 6 | The first step to establishing supply lines between my settlements[iii]).

Day 4

With all the stuff that I picked up in the Concord/Museum of Freedom mission, I set out to find the nearby trading station called Drumlin Diner.  However, I briefly lost my way and ended up at Thicket Excavations, Bedford Station, and the Starlight Drive-In before finally arriving at Drumlin Diner.

Once at the diner, I traded for several crops and the necessary materials needed to make defense turrets.


[i] I also managed to put down a Deathclaw with a basic pipe rifle.  It was the best weapon to use at that point since I had somewhat of an abundance of its ammo (.38 rounds)
[ii] This is where Dogmeat comes in handy as he can carry as much junk weight as you can.
[iii] Once I am able to set up the aforementioned supply lines, the connected settlements will be able to share their materials—effectively saving me from having to physically carry it between settlements. A time saver—so do this first if you can!

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