Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth [Day 2 to 4] (January 4, 2019)

Ready to Rock and Roll with my T-45 Power Armor.

Here is a Fallout 4 joke that I came up with:

Question: How do you know that you’re addicted to Fallout 4?

Answer: When you’re in-game character gets more sleep that you do.

Funny but true.  I hope you guys got a good chuckle out of that one.  So back to the game, I put in another three full days (in Fallout time) of work and here is the breakdown:

Day 2

A lone settler ventured into Sanctuary just as I was about to end Day 1 so I immediately assigned him to the small number of crops that I had planted in the settlement before going to “sleep.”

To start off Day 2, I headed to the nearby Red Rocket Truck Stop and met my character’s first companion: A dog called Dogmeat.  Those guys over at Bethesda Softworks seem to have a good sense of humor.

But I digress, the rest of the day was spent clearing out the Red Rocket and setting up another homing beacon to bring in potential settlers.  The hardest materials to scavenge this early in the game are concrete, gears, and “circuity.”  The latter two are needed to generate the necessary defense turrets to discourage potential enemy attacks. Continue reading “Fallout 4: Return to the Commonwealth [Day 2 to 4] (January 4, 2019)”