LlaoLlao: My new go-to frozen yogurt (July 16, 2017)


Our LlaoLlao frozen yogurt run the day before[i] was so amazing that my Mom and I decided to go for an encore today–this time at their Megamall branch.

An added incentive for going back was LlaoLlao’s signature green spoons which I plan on collecting and reusing.

Their frozen yogurt prices are also pretty reasonable and come in three sizes: small (P99), medium (P189), and large (P199).  Considering the price point, I’d recommend the large serving–which comes with three toppings–for sharing.

Addendum: Guys, if you like the video, please take time out to also subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Thank you!


[i] At their Glorietta branch–right across Landmark–you can’t miss it.

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