Comic Odyssey’s Jean Grey #4/Superwoman #12 Signing Event (July 15, 2017)


After work this morning[i], I proceeded to Comic Odyssey in Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street for the Jean Grey #4/Superwoman #12 signing event featuring Stephen Jorge Segovia and Harvey M. Tolibao.

Clockwise: The stuff I bought and had signed at the event.[ii].
The event also gave me an opportunity to meet up with DC Comics inker Michael Jason Paz.  Jason had ‘pinch hit’ for Gerry Alanguilan in Supercrooks (2012) and inked pages 16 and 17 of Issue #3.  Jason was nice enough to sell the aforementioned pages to me.

Thanks again to Stephen, Harvey, and Jason for signing my book, commission, and pages respectively.

Addendum: Guys, if you like the video, please take time out to also subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Thank you!


[i] Seems to be a recurring theme during Comic Odyssey signing events–not that I am complaining 🙂
[ii] SC 3×16, SC 3×17 | Superior Carnage TPB [Signed by Stephen Jorge Segovia] | Supercrooks #3 [Signed by Michael Jason Paz] | Empress Commission by Harvey M. Tolibao | Captain America #311 & #382 | G.I. Joe (IDW) #223, #233, #235, #237-#240 | Jean Grey #4/Superwoman #12 signed promotional card.



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