Review: ToyCon 2017 (June 30, 2017)

     Hopefully the first of many videos:  Just wanted to give you guys a peek of our Day 1 ToyCon 2017 experience.

Clockwise: Up on stage. | Posing in front of an Endor AT-ST. | Photo opportunity with Street Fighter’s Ryu and Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man. | Godzilla was certainly well represented in this convention. | Some memorabilia of famed Darna creator Mars Ravelo. | A locally produced Darna statue–It looked stunning!

ToyCon 2017.

I’ll try to be kind.

However, my thoughts on its point pricing and space allotment haven’t changed much since my review last year.

The saving grace though was having a photo with the larger-than-life sized Larry Joe Bird[i] COOLRAIN MINDstyle VINYL figure that stood outside the SMX Convention Center’s main concourse.  Goosebumps!  Now, I’ll add that snapshot to the COOLRAIN MINDstyle Russell Westbrook photo I took in ToyCon 2016.

Was it worth it?

Man, at least last year for the same point price we HAD an event program.  This year, we weren’t given one.  Did we have to buy one?  How come I didn’t see any being sold?

Anyway,  as you guys can probably surmise from the video, the place was somewhat packed–even on a Friday.  I can only imagine what the congestion is going to be like in Day 2 and Day 3.

A spread of what I picked up during ToyCon 2017.  Details can be found in the footnotes below.

 Convention Hauls

As was the case last year, the best part of any convention is what you eventually take home with you–which was very little this time around as I was on a shoestring budget.

For P20, I was able to pick up a small Pikachu, an equally tiny Poke Ball, and a blue clapper-board (with the words “Take 1” on it) which I strongly believe came from the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy line.  For P150, I was also able to bring home a version of Han Solo’s Carbonite Chamber as well as the original XM-16 attack rifle of my very first G.I. Joe figure–Airborne![ii]  Lastly, the ton of comics that you see in the photo above.[iii][iv]

Other notable items that I passed on were last year’s Hot Toys’ Mjölnir from Thor: The Dark World as it really looked like its leather strap could have fallen off at any given moment.

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[i] My all-time favorite National Basketball Association (NBA) player.
[ii] I lost my original XM-16 rifle way back in the 80’s when I first got Airborne. A reunion more than 30 years in the making.
[iii] The Avengers #224
The Many Deaths of the Batman $434 and #435
Batman #500
Captain America and The Falcon #190-#191, #204, #209-#210
Captain America #233, #238-#240, #243-#244, #251, #291, #298, and #366
Hawkeye (#2 in a Four-Issue Limited Series)
Inhumanoids #2-#4
The Nam #1
Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #81
The New Teen Titans #39
[IV] Not Pictured: I also went around Glorietta (Image+ #15) and Megamall (Age of Ultron [Book 10 AI-B | 1 in 50 Variant by Paolo Rivera] and Strangers in Paradise #38 [Signed by Terry Moore]) over the weekend and picked up a couple of more books. Since the purchase period fell under the ToyCon weekend, I have included them in this post.





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