A Dying Medium: Compact Discs (May 8, 2017)

Spyro Gyra’s Access All Areas (top) and Hall & Oates’ Rock n’ Soul Part 1 compact discs.

I almost forgot.

In addition to the two Takara Tomy Arts Super Figure Collection Grendizer UFO Gashapons that I lucked out in getting yesterday, I also picked up a couple of used discs: Hall & Oates’ Rock n’ Soul Part 1[i] and Spyro Gyra’s first live album entitled, Access All Areas.

These albums were without their inserts but I knew what I was holding in my hands and scooped them up right away at a fraction of the cost.

To think, this was how everyone used to listen to music.[ii]

Short history lesson 

Back in the early 90’s, Compact Discs (CD) were the thing!  A literal upgrade in quality from the bulky Vinyl, 8-track, and cassette tapes.  It was the only way to get music back then as digital downloads were still in its infancy.  CD’s also had a long lifespan–unless you left them under direct sunlight–and were reported to be good for a couple of thousand plays before encountering any problems.

Well enough of that and back to the albums that I got.

Hall & Oates’ Rock n’ Soul Part 1 (1983)

Aside from the notable hits in this greatest hits album, the duo added two previously unreleased songs recorded between 1983 and 1984: Say It Isn’t So (October 29, 1983) and Adult Education (February 18, 1984).

The first time I heard Adult Education was in the Non Stop Pop FM channel in Grand Theft Auto IV (2008).

The song immediately grew on me.

I guess listening to music during drive-by’s will do that to you. Hahaha!

Track List:

  1. Say It Isn’t So – 4:17
  2. Sara Smile – 3:09
  3. She’s Gone (Single Version) – 3:26
  4. Rich Girl – 2:24
  5. Kiss on My List (45 Version) – 3:52
  6. You Make My Dreams  – 3:07
  7. Private Eyes (Edited Version)  – 3:27
  8. Adult Education – 5:23
  9. I Can’t Go for That [No Can Do] (Single Version) – 3:45
  10. Maneater – 4:31
  11. One on One (Single Version) – 3:57
  12. Wait for Me (Recorded live at the Montreal Forum in March 1983) – 6:03

Spyro Gyra’s Access All Areas (1984)

This is the jazz group’s eighth album and first live album.  Shaker Song and Morning Dance are among my favorites in this one.

Track List:

  1. Shaker Song – 7:14
  2. Serpent in Paradise – 5:56
  3. Heliopolis – 11:49
  4. Harbor Nights – 7:04
  5. Conversations – 8:30
  6. Schu’s Blues – 4:46
  7. Morning Dance – 5:37
  8. Islands in the Sky – 6:29
  9. Sea Biscuit – 6:03
  10. Latin Streets – 8:24

Compact Discs….gotta love them 🙂


[i] Also credited as their greatest hits album.
[ii] Man, I can vividly remember an NBA video where the Toronto Raptors’ Vincent Lamar Carter is caught switching discs in his portable disc player.

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