From Filbar’s to Comic Odyssey to Druid’s Keep: My Free Comic Book Day 2017 Experience (May 6, 2017)

Clockwise: The calm before the storm: Leinil’s desk. | First in line! | Leinil signs Page 33 of Supercrooks #4. | My copy of Indestructible Hulk #1 signed by writer Mark Waid, inker Gerry Alanguilan, and now penciller Leinil Francis Yu. | Lenil and Gerry’s signatures at the bottom of the aforementioned Page 33. | Thanks again Leinil!

For many, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) serves as an annual opportunity to get new readers (as well as old ones) into the hobby by offering a wide selection of books that they would not normally pick up.  But in recent years, the status quo of FCBD in the Philippines has evolved beyond its original purpose and into an event wherein the local comic distributors and artists give back to comic book community.

For me, the highlight of FCBD 2017 was being able to attend Leinil Yu’s signing over at Filbar’s Megamall.[i] Without going into great detail, Leinil was very gracious and accommodating.  Thank you again Leinil!

After lunch at Pepper Lunch[ii], I proceeded to Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street where I was able to get free copies of Wonder Woman: Rebirth (Special Edition) #1 and Skottie Young’s I Hate Image before they ran out of stocks. From what I heard, I Hate Image is an amalgamation of a number of Image Comics’ popular titles and that it’s original art would be sufficient to “send the artists children through college.”[iii]

Clockwise: The Free Comic Book table of Fully Booked BHS. They wrapped up soon after I arrived. | The 2017 free comic books that I was able to get for myself and the Fam. | Comic Odyssey’s Free Comic Book Day 2017 taurpulin. | Long lines over at Druid’s Keep. | My friend Mark looking over the available titles.  We were each allowed to get two. | All of the back issues (and then some) that I picked up during FCBD 2017.

I then made my way to Comic Odyssey and picked up some back issues[iv] before heading to the 5th floor to say hello to a couple of friends in the industry.  Man, they are all so talented!

From there, my friend Mark and I made our way to Druid’s Keep where I met up with Sir Ogie.  Prior to FCBD, Ogie had posted on Facebook a couple of comic books that I had been looking for, well, since I was a teenager.

The title, “Crossfire and Rainbow,” was a mini-series released by the now defunct Eclipse Comics.  I remember picking up the first issue in a mall not far from my old high school and having that dilapidated issue in my hands once again certainly brought back memories.

Thanks again Sir Ogie.

That’s a wrap.

See you all again for Free Comic Book Day 2018!


[i] I’ve been waiting for a Leinil signing for a year and a half!  Many thanks to everyone at Filbar’s for setting this one up.
[ii] Love those play of words.  Forgive me but I never get tired of saying it.
[iii] I’ve flipped through it and although I wouldn’t go as far as to the claims of the artist–the Walking Dead pages do look enticing.
[iv] Picked up the following back issues: Crossfire and Rainbow (A DNAgents Mini-Series) 1; Crossfire and Rainbow (DNAgents Mini-Series) 2; Terry Moore’s How to Draw Funny; The Unwritten 41, 45, 47, and 48-49; The Unwritten: Apocalypse 1-2, and 8; and Y: The Last Man 16, 26, 33, 35, 44, 45, and 51.

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