Review: The Gathering 11th TAGCOM [Toys and Hobbies Convention] (April 29, 2017)

Clockwise: Present and accounted for at The Gathering 11th TAGCOM (Toys and Hobbies Convention). | Looking though the lens of a toy for sale at the convention. | Photo opportunity with Justice PH. | Kong: Skull Island merchandise. | All ready for Disneyland: Some hats that we picked up. | If money were no object, I would have scooped up all of the all of the available Fallout 4 5″ Vault Boy 111 Bobbleheads in a heartbeat.  Pictured are the Melee Weapons, Strength, and Repair Bobbleheads.

I ate my words today.

What I thought would be (at the most) a half-day event–The Gathering 11th TAGCOM [Toys and Hobbies Convention]–turned into a whole day affair.

Yep.  The Fam and I ended up staying from 11 am till closing.[i]  Even I can’t believe it myself.

It was loads of fun.  Lots to see. But we were all dead tired by the end of it all.

A fun and fulfilling kind of tired.

The Sights

Despite only occupying what seemed like a very generous 3/4 of the Megatrade Hall 3, there seemed to be a little something for everyone.  Character beanies and dinosaurs aside, what stood out for me was the amount of Godzilla merchandise spread out among the vendors.  There was a ton and I’m sure they have been around, but for me, it was like they all appeared out of nowhere.

The feeling is very similar to what first-time parents experience when they “discover” the baby section of the department store for the very first time.

There was this one foreigner who scooped up–what seemed to be a rare–Space Godzilla for P1400.  He immediately turned and gave someone in the crowd a high-five.[ii]

I’m pretty new to the Godzilla game but I’ll be knowledgable soon enough…that is after my son indoctrinates me into the Godzilla ways.

Other notable finds that I saw were several Fallout 4 5″ Vault Boy 111 Bobbleheads and a number of convention priced DC Collectible Batman: The Animated Series figures.


[i] It’s a good thing I didn’t put a bet on staying only for half the day right!
[ii] I guess he got it for a song.
[iii] Purchased the following back issues: The Avengers 287-292; Captain America 285, 292-295, 297, 302-303, 312, 322, 330-331, 336, 340, 349, and 351-352; Iron Man 228; and finally the elusive Quasar 32.

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