Remembering Al Jarreau (February 13, 2017)

When I first heard the name of Al Jarreau was way back when I was watching the comedy-drama mystery television series called Moonlighting (1985-1989).  I clearly remember saying to myself, “Now that’s an entrance theme!  Who sang it?”

Back then, getting that kind of information wasn’t as seamless as it is today.  There wasn’t any music identification apps like SoundHound or Shazam.  We had to be patient and wait for the closing credits of the show.

And there it was.

The answer to my question: Al Jarreau

Although not a product of my generation, I was able to hear more of Al Jarreau’s music from my father and uncle’s many playlists.  Musical appreciation ensued which made hits like Boogie Down (Jarreau | 1983), Mornin’ (Jarreau | 1983), We’re In This Love Together (Breakin’ Away | 1981), After All (High Crime | 1984), Moonlighting (TV Soundtrack | 1987) and Spain (This Time | 1980) among my personal favorites.

Fast forward to September 8, 2008 when I was–successfully I might add–able to drag my dad and brother to The Big Dome to watch Al Jarreau and George Benson perform.  What I remember most from that evening was the dominating performance of Benson but it was still great to see Al Jarreau give the Araneta Coliseum a taste of his brand of music.

Born Alwin Lopez Jarreau, it was reported that the legendary singer had just retired a couple of days ago (February 9, 2017) due to persisting health concerns.  News of his passing followed today.  He was 76.

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