Celebrating World Pizza Day 2017 with Yellow Cab Pizza Co. (February 9, 2017)

Clockwise: My only batch of Smoked Bacon and Apples Pizza. Wish the people at the counter had asked me beforehand what pizza I had wanted. | My security bracelet: A funny story in itself as I was the only one they required t0 surrender it once I left their premises. Why not also get those from the other patrons? | The aftermath: My plate versus the plates of my happy crew.

World Pizza Day 2017 is finally upon us.

The day where literally everyone who knew about the Yellow Cab Pizza Co. promotion stuffed their faces with either Smoked Bacon and Apples Pizza or New York’s Finest Pizza. [My sources say that some Yellow Cab branches may have offered a third product: Hawaiian Pizza.  But I will need additional testimonies before that little tidbit could be considered gospel].

I would know, well, because I was one of them.

The Process

The mechanics are pretty straightforward: The patron forks over P299 pesos (per person), is given a security bracelet indicating the time your order was punched in, and then your proverbial two-hour eating time “clock” starts ticking.  In that period, you are free to consume as many slices of either Smoked Bacon and Apples Pizza or New York’s Finest Pizza.  In addition, you will have a bottomless glass of soda to round up your meal.

The Verdict

The perfect deal right?  Well, in hindsight, not really as I felt that I wasn’t able to get my money’s worth since I do not drink soda–and haven’t probably for the last 10 years.  It would have also been nice if Yellow Cab offered an alternative beverage.  Secondly, was the fact that I wasn’t give a choice on what pizza I was initially going to eat as the people across the counter told me that they would take care of it.

Taking care of it” ended up being two slices of Smoked Bacon and Apples Pizza that were cut in the middle–So I guess, this technically makes it four slices.  The pizza was good but I would have appreciated warmer slices.

So, 5 3/4 slices or almost 3 whole slices later, I waved my white flag of surrender and was the first to tap out.  A pitiful performance considering that I had once consumed 19 slices of Hawaiian Pizza (not my proudest moment) back when Pizza Hut was offering a similar all-you-can-eat promo.

So, how was your World Pizza Day 2017 experience?

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