VIP Monthly Lego Mini Model Build: Narwhal Brickset [40239-1] (February 7, 2017)

The finished product: Lego Brickiest Narwhal (40239-1)

As luck would have it, we were able to make the scheduled Lego Mini Model Build over at the Lego Certified Store in Alabang Town Center yesterday.

This month’s mystery build was the Narwhal Brickset (40239-1).  I served as my son’s assistant on this one and once it was completed, it actually came out pretty cool.  The Narwhal features three points of articulation (flippers and tail).

If you ever do get a chance to put this together, take note that it’s “tusk” can detach easily so it may be best to remove it upon transport.


My son made me temporary custodian of the Lego Narwhal so I was able to make it my featured post for today.

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