Guide to registering for your PRC license in Psychology (Updated)

Photo: Window 19 in the PRC Main Building.
Photo: Window 19 in the PRC Main Building.

So, your application for registration without examination for psychologists and psychometricians has finally been approved.  Congratulations!  Now what’s your next move?  Below is a step-by-step guide to register for a Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license in Psychology.  (Click here for more on Republic Act No. 10029 [The Psychology Law]).

Updated Procedures (Based on the ‘Procedures and Requirements’ listed on the back of the PR Oath Form) [Updated as of July 31, 2014]

Step 1: Check the PRC website to see if you are among those who were approved for licensure without examination.  Should your name be among those listed, take note of the calendar dates when you will be allowed to go to the PRC to register for you Psychology or Psychometrcian license and oath taking.

Step 2: As you enter PRC, immediately line up at one of the two windows on the far right.  Once you reach either window, request for an Oath Form and two pieces of metered documentary stamps [P21 each] (one to be affixed onto the Oath Form and the other for the Certificate of Registration).  Note: if you are registering for more than one license, you will need to ask for a separate Oath Form and pay for the corresponding metered stamps.

Step 3: Fill out the Oath Form. Note: You will be required to provide your current Community Tax Certificate (CTC |Cedula), a short brown envelope [with name and the profession that you are registering for], two (2) 2×2 passport sized photos, and one (1) 1×1 colored photo [White background, collared shirt, name-tag].  It is best to have these items on-hand before entering the PRC.

Step 4: Proceeded to Window 12 in the PRC Main Building for verification of records and assessment.  Note: This is the new Window assigned to those applying for the Psychology and Psychometrician license without examination.

Step 5: After receiving your documents, you can now pay the registration and additional fees at any window—found right outside—the PRC Main Building. Note: Each registration will cost P1050 PHP.

Step 6: Return to Window 12 to accomplish any remaining forms: Fill out your PRC registration card, affix your right thumb mark onto the aforementioned card, sign the registry book, and most importantly, make sure that you have received your claim stub. Note: PRC license cards will be be released two months from the day you complete this registration.

Well, that’s it for now.  Congratulations again for being among the first to be registered as a licensed Psychologist/Psychometrician in the Philippines.


Guys, I have been getting a lot of messages regarding submission specifics; possible review materials for the board exam; if one can file in their province’s PRC branch; or some combination of the three. Truthfully, I would not know as I am not affiliated with the PRC. My post is solely based on my own filing experience and ends there. Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Guide to registering for your PRC license in Psychology (Updated)

  1. Sir, my name was included in the Board Resolution ###. It was posted last March 25, and I must register on March 26. I missed it. It was a one day notice and I saw it few weeks later. Another schedule was released just today (July 14) and must register tomorrow, July 15. Again another one day notice. First question: Can I register even if my initial registration date was March 26? Second question: Is PRC office open despite storm warnings? I have been looking at the PRC website and I cannot find answers to my questions. Sir, Thank you very much… Please help…

    1. Hi Christine,

      I apologize for the late reply as I only saw your comment now. To answer your question, I believe you can still register as your name is part of the PRC Psychology Board Resolution. Second, it is at your disgression if you would want to go to the PRC despite storm warnings. Just remember, you are in a position of need and you do need this license. Good luck!

  2. Hi, How long after the application for licensure without exam do the results or “approved resolutions without examinations” released?

    1. Hi Bunny,

      The Psychologist/Psychometrician licensure without examination ends in 2015. On “approved resolutions,” it would depend if the submitted documents are sufficient under the law. Kindly check the PRC and PAP websites for more information. Thanks for your comment.

      1. Hi Doc, i actually am a member of PAP and have all the documents ready and am turning them in tomorrow (friday). I hope my application gets approved. I have more 2 questions which hi hope you can help me with, i applied online and forgot to print out the form. Will there a problem with that? i filled up another one online without submitting and printed that one it since i already submitted and received a notice of it being receive. when i get to PRC, will i need to fill up a form or will the online form be sufficient? the second question is, if i have all the documents (all in order in a clear book, notarised, etc.) how long does the process of applying take?

  3. by the way, really appreciate this blog you set up. very helpful. i also admire that you do sports counselling… that’s pretty cool.

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