The Gift of Motivation

Intervention: Designate a few personal key words that can help push you--thismuchcloser--towards your goals. On the top left are a few that I use to strengthen my resolve.
Intervention: Designate a few personal key words that can help push you–thismuchcloser–towards your goals.  Here are a few that I use to strengthen my resolve. (Photo Courtesy of

A couple of days ago, I was asked by a good friend if there were exercises that could “motivate people to do the things that they need to do.”

Sadly, I replied, “There isn’t any.”

When it comes to matters involving motivation, I believe that the limitation of every psychologist extends to their patient’s intrinsic motivation.  Simply put, a psychologist can help a patient who is self-motivated to some degree but can do nothing for someone devoid of any.

In Children

In my book entitled, “This Side Up: Short reads to being an effective parent” (scheduled to be released in early 2014), I share several situations wherein the attempts of well-meaning parents who influence their children towards athletics or some form of self-improvement are often met with resistance or complete disinterest.

Does this mean then that parents shouldn’t simply let their children be?  Of course not!  Parents just need to temper their own personal expectations and instead focus on simply exposing their child to the sport or desired activity.  Should the child gain some measure of enjoyment from this process, their feelings towards the activity may change to the point of self-motivation or what I refer to as ownership.

That said, you may no longer need to drag little Billy to his basketball camp in the morning as his ownership over the activity may spur him to wake you up first.

In Adolescents and Adults

In the case of older children and adults, true ownership or commitment towards a given activity (e.g., exercise, weight loss, etc.) is often difficult as rationalizing why we can’t do something is so much easier than why we have to.  Remember, true commitment is a daily, even hourly, process.  I won’t lie to you…it is difficult.

So, when it comes to the subject of exercise or work/study goals, surround yourself with like-minded people.  If someone says you can’t do something, believing him or her is the worst thing that you can do!  Prove them wrong by starting today!

I believe in you.

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