Guide to submitting your PRC documents for registration without examination

“Professional Improvement: Day 2 of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association’s (PGCA) 49th Annual National Convention. Theme for 2013 is “Beyond Knowledge, Wisdom in Counseling.” | Attended the workshop of my mentor Dr. Jose Alberto Reyes entitled, “Documenting the Counseling Process: From Intake to Termination.” (May 16, 2013 | Miriam College SMT Building)

If you have read this far, you are no doubt familiar with the ongoing application for registration without examination for psychologists, psychometricians, and respiratory therapists in the Philippines.  It is the moment that our profession has long been waiting for and–if I may say–a truly and exciting time for everyone involved.  With that, we are tasked to satisfy the qualification standards required by our Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board and consolidate our academic, work, and personal documents for review.  A tedious task if I do say so myself (Click here for more on Republic Act No. 10029 [The Psychology Law])

Below are a number of points that I overlooked or were called to my attention when I initially submitted my documents to the PRC.  It is my hope that this guide will be helpful so that you need not make a return trip to Morayta.

  • After filling out the online application form on the PRC website, don’t forget to print it out.
  • Print and bring a copy of your application notice.
  • Should any part of your National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate be deemed unclear by the assessor (e.g., the assessor cannot distinguish a “G” from an “O”), you will be required to get a transcription of your Birth Certificate from your Local Civil Register (LCR) located in the municipality where you were born.
  • Read the fine print pertaining to your Transcript of Records, “Where school is exempted from the issuance of an SO (Special Order Number), a certificate of authentication and validation (CAV) must be secured.”  Basically, without the CAV, PRC won’t even entertain your application.
  • Securing a certificate of authentication and validation (CAV) can usually be coursed through your school for a fee and the processing period can take anywhere between 10-14 working days.  To start this process, you will need to request a new transcript of records or bring a recently issued one to be given to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).  Your school will also ask you to fill out a request letter to CHED as well as require you to produce your original diploma (unframed) for verification.  The diploma then needs to be photocopied and reduced to the size of one standard sized bond paper.
  • Your curriculum vitae needs to clearly indicate your work as a Psychologist and/or Psychometrician.
  • Lastly, all your certificates need to be originals and notarized.

Good luck guys!


Guys, I have been getting a lot of messages regarding submission specifics; possible review materials for the board exam; if one can file in their province’s PRC branch; or some combination of the three.  Truthfully, I would not know as I am not affiliated with the PRC.  My post is solely based on my own filing experience and ends there. Thank you.


  • During the 49th Annual National Convention of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association (PCGA) this past week, I was informed that the 1st week of June 2013 would be the submission deadline of those vying to be a part of the 1st batch of registered Psychologists, Psychometricians, or Respiratory Therapists.
  • The oath taking of the second batch of Psychologists and Psychometricians will be on October 21, 2013 at the Dusit Thani Hotel Ballroom A.

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9 thoughts on “Guide to submitting your PRC documents for registration without examination

  1. Hi what do you mean that all certificates need to be originals? we have to submit the original copies? or just the photocopy that are CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES OF THE ORIGINALS?

    1. Hi Bunny,

      In my experience, I gave the PRC an original copy of everything. These days, you can order a new birth certificate, etc. online. Other documents like your ‘Official Transcript for PRC use’ are acquired for that specific purpose. I suggest that you do everything you can on your end to expedite your submission process. Thanks again for your comments. Good luck!

  2. I just wnt to ask. If i can still apply the licensure without examination? I go to the website of prc and i see that there are some aplicants was aproved by the board not to take the examination for pyschometrician last year 2016. Do you think i can still apply for that? And how can i apply? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      It may be best to call the PRC directly to inquire about the grandfather’s clause. However, I think that time has passed.

  3. hello! may i ask if you could explain what registration without examination is? is it an alternative to taking the board licensure exam?

    1. Hi Riccie, it was an alternative given to those that met the licensure criteria back when it was first introduced. The grandfather clause has since passed.

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