Understanding Your Child Preview: “The Adventure Continues: Baby Carrying and The Parent List″ (April 2012)

Indy’s First Swim (February 4, 2012)

Here is a small taste of my Baby Magazine article entitled, “The Adventure Continues: Baby Carrying and The Parent List” which is due out this April.

A casual “baby carrying” conversation

During one of the many times that Baby Indy was propped on my shoulder at work; Imelda, my office assistant, turned to me and asked, “If Indy were a girl, would you have handled (carried) him any different?”

I recall pausing for a brief moment to reflect upon this hypothetical scenario and then confidently replied, “Most certainly!  Indy and I would probably still be doing the same things—but I would just be a little more cautious if Indy were a girl instead of a boy.”

I added, “The reason why I hold Indy in this manner is because I believe that every little boy (and girl) should not be deprived of this experience: Be it sitting on their father’s shoulders, being cradled like a football from one arm to the next, and yes, even the act of seemingly catapulting them towards the high heavens.  I’ve realized that this is a special time in Indy’s life—a magical moment—that can pass in the blink of an eye.  As each passing day goes by, Indy grows a little bigger, heavier, and hyper and the time will eventually come wherein he would want to do other things or may simply become too heavy for us to continue our acrobatic routine.”

Paraphrasing Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “sharing Indy’s adventures will always be an interesting experience.”

And it sure is!

Check out our latest adventures in the Understanding Your Child column.

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