Understanding Your Child Preview: “The Adventure Continues: Taking a journey with my six-month-old son″ (March 2012)

‘Daddy’s Little Pumpkin’ at 6 months (January 2012)

Below is a short excerpt from my upcoming Baby Magazine article entitled, “The Adventure Continues: Taking a journey with my six-month-old son” which will be hitting newsstands and magazine shops in March.

3) Be a creative and resourceful parent! – As our child’s demands grow, so may the time needed by our personal and professional commitments.  Parents faced with such a conundrum are usually placed in a difficult position wherein they may need to flex their proverbial “creative muscles” in order to find some measure of compromise: being able to spend time with their child while at the same time attending to their personal and professional responsibilities.

For example, one of the greatest challenges I look forward too is whenever Indy spends the day with me at work.  Our space and time together is usually limited and it is much harder getting him to sleep as I have less control of any ambient noises.

This is where creativity and resourcefulness steps in as I try to make the most of the “advantages” offered by my work surroundings: an escalator!

Indy—like most babies his age—loves movement and the three-level escalator at the Makati Medical Center offers not only that piece of entertainment value but also an opportunity for father and son to share a moment.

So what are you waiting for?  Be resourceful and get your parental creative juices flowing today!

Read more about our adventures in the Understanding Your Child column.

Only in Baby Magazine.

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