Understanding Your Child: “What steps to take when your child refuses to go to school?”

A growing concern

In the last month, I have had an alarming number of cases involving children and adolescents who have decided (for one reason or another) to stop going to school.  It seems to be a growing concern and the focus of my October column (Understanding Your Child) in Baby Magazine.

Below is a excerpt from the article entitled, “What steps to take when your child refuses to go to school?” which will be hitting newsstands and magazine shops in a couple of weeks. Hope you guys can pick it up.

As the number of academic responsibilities mount, there is a strong possibility that a child may not have the emotional maturity or the psychological coping skills necessary the weather the proverbial storm.  The sheer volume of endless projects, tests, and other recreational as well as personal activities may then drive a child to simple decide—either consciously or unconsciously—to withdraw and possibly stop going to school.  It is a scenario that can be likened to repeatedly consuming the same kind of food—in large amounts—every single day.  Eventually, the consumer would reach a saturation point and start to dislike or even become appalled at the sight of the food.

Happy Anniversary!

To everyone at Baby Magazine, just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, happy 14th anniversary!

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